by Kyla

That’s right. It’s time for the first annual “one final year” food blog. Presumably this will also be the last annual “one final year” food blog, because I have two annual “one final year” food blogs then it won’t exactly have been one final year, will it?

Here’s the deal: someone beautiful was so moved by my last post that they stopped by my house in order to share some food with us, and part of that food was an entire case of canned corn. Now, I like me my canned corn. I only cook vegetarian food, so canned corn comes in mighty handy when making black bean quesadillas or vegetarian chili. Having a sudden plethora of corn in the house made me wonder if I could be a little more creative for dinner tonight, however, and if I could do it using only ingredients I had in the house. This is part and parcel with being a student, folks. You rummage through the fridge, you discover someone snuck in a sweet potato, and the next thing you know, you’re roasting sweet potato and carmelizing onions to whirl together for soup. Trust me. I am constantly discovering unexpected sweet potatoes.

I had half an onion, a couple of peppers, and a ton of garlic, so I decided to do a vegetarian sausage* and pepper grill-up with some corn fritters on the side. I’ve never made corn fritters before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten corn fritters before, but there seemed to be no time like the present to give it a whirl.

I present you with a photo journal of the event so you can decide for yourself how it went.

veggie sausages and veggie veggies

corn fritters frittering

drizzled a little warm maple syrup over the fritters before serving them

I think this picture demonstrates how much of my recent life has been wasted watching programs on the Food Network.

girls waiting eagerly for something new and delicious

kid 2 phones child protective services

And here we see my youngest on the phone pretending (I think) to phone child protective services to report me feeding her veggie sausage (which, frankly, tastes pretty bad unless you eat it with onions), onions (which she hates), and corn fritters, which contain several different textures (which she hates).

Personally, I can only assume the whole dinner was a big success. Proof, I think, that you can make super good food (unless you’re kid 2, in which case it’s super bad food) for super cheap. Surely the photo journal reveals something about the quality of dinner, but I leave it to you decide exactly what.

*I had to buy those. $4 at Superstore, fyi.