Public Service Announcement 1

by Kyla

So, I have a lot of used textbooks. Like, a lot.

Here’s the dealio: I started university in January 2009 and have since bought textbooks for, oh, about eight classes a semester. Lest you be confused, let me be clear: I do not take eight classes each semester. No. Rather, I sign up for classes, buy text books, go to class, get bored/offended/sleepy/distracted/lazy the first day, drop a couple, sign up for a couple different classes (like, whichever still have room), buy textbooks for new classes, until I end up taking 12-15 credits with the books for, oh, 24. While one can return unneeded textbooks to the book store within two weeks of buying them that would require one to be organized and, um, not lazy.

Let me repeat: I have a lot of used textbooks. Like, a lot.

Because I am theoretically graduating in the Spring, I no longer have need for 97 textbooks that I will never read, and so I decided to shake things up a little bit and actually return my books during book buyback, which, I’ve just found out (by checking the bookstore’s webpage) is the week of September 1st-9th and, more significantly, every Friday.

Really? There’s book buyback every Friday and I’ve been stock-piling books in the corner of my living room, so as it now looks to anyone entering my home as if they’ve entered the store of Carl Cornelius Coreander*? Huh. And all this time I could have just taken them to the bookstore.

My recent visit to the bookstore’s website tells me that you can actually enter the ISBN of your used textbook into the site (here) and it will tell you how much they’re buying that book back for (thus you can calculate if it’s worth your effort to march on down there with that old Calculus textbook, filled with distracted highlighter from that time you were trying to look like you were studying but were actually watching Desperate Housewives. Trust me, I know how this works.)

I’ve been reluctant to return my textbooks because of the sheer number of them. How the hell am I going to carry them from my car to the bookstore? With my minions back in town, though, I think I can do it. We can don backpacks loaded with books like US Marines loaded down with bags of heavy stones.

Move it out, girls, I will tell them. Hut hut hut.

*Because that’s not an obscure reference.