Ketchikan, Alaska

by Kyla

When I was in university (the first time around), I hung around with a couple of guys from Alaska. Pretty much all that I can recall through the haze of marijuana smoke* is that they had this poster on their dorm room wall:

I don’t think I really got it. I think I thought it was a poster about salmon. (Also, can I just say that I can not believe I didn’t get a Sharpie and amend the caption to “Spawn ‘Til You Die”? I must have been exercising great restraint, or perhaps I was merely too stoned to notice.You decide.)

The artist was (and is) a guy named Ray Troll, who has a gallery in Ketchikan. Now that I am in university (for the second time), it seemed apt to revisit his art work, and so when my cruise stopped into Ketchikan, I went hunting for the gallery, hoping it’d have something in there a little less PG-13 for me to bring home to my kids.

As my daughters are vegetarians, I immediately got them both a carnivorous t-shirt. That is to say, I don’t believe the t-shirt itself is actually carnivorous, but rather that it is carnivorous in theme. You can see it here and decide for yourselves. (My children are in New York City at the moment. They have not actually received these shirts yet, but I am quite certain my children are not avid readers of my blog so the surprise, although revealed here, should be safe.)

My little daughter is a shark lover, so to supplement the shirt that makes it appear she’s about to be done in by a bear, I got her this:

My absolute favourite shirt, however, I did not buy. I couldn’t think of anyone I knew who would actually wear it. But I laughed and laughed over this shirt.** It’s the string of pearls that just does me in.

* Let me be clear. The haze of marijuana smoke was then, not now.

No. Really

** I have the sense of humour of a thirteen-year-old boy.