Student blogging – mandate

by Kyla

I’m excited to be a student blogger for VIU; so excited, in fact, that I spent some of the summer researching exactly what it means to be a student. Obviously, I know what it means to me to be a student, but in an effort to ensure that this blog is as accurate a reflection as possible on student life, I did some independent research on the subject. As a fourth-year history student, I am well-versed in the most accurate and appropriate ways to conduct research on any subject:

I took it to Facebook.

What does student life mean to you, I asked. My various friends and relatives responded, and I intend to shamelessly plagiarise them here. This will not, I am sure, be the only time this happens, and frankly, I thought it would be the best way to focus this blog: I would write only on the themes suggested by the facebook hive mind and would steal all the best stuff* from my friends and family. Something for them all to look forward to, I am sure.

…the majority of my student life was spent bailing out of class and drinking milkshakes at Denny’s….
…the pure joy of doing well on an exam…
…dating/falling in love/having sex with strangers…***
…being frugal…
…all nighters…
…wicked professors…****
…meeting new people…
…hard work….

But then this, from my beautiful father:

I never got serious about school until I was about 30 and getting a Master’s Degree. Before that I avoided everything I could that might possibly have turned me into an educated person. I cannot believe, in retrospect, the amount of time and money I wasted. Fooey on that. Go to school when you have something you want to learn, and if you’re in school and don’t know what you want to learn learn everything, just because you can.

I had planned to write about whatever my scientific survey suggested made up student life, but my Dad’s comment gives me new focus.

I will try to learn everything, just because I can, and write about it here.

*Note to new students: VIU actually frowns on plagiarism. Also conducting research on Facebook (I think. I’ve never actually cited Facebook as a source in a paper. Don’t try it).

**Okay, that’s my contribution. Dudes, I’m 37 and doing an undergraduate degree; obviously there’s a reason I didn’t finish it the first time. Let that be a lesson to you.

***I am not having sex with strangers in this blog. Or at VIU. I promise.

**** I don’t know if this means wicked – evil or wicked – awesome. There may be room for both.